Ten Minutes
'food for thought' 
Parasha - Open Discussion 

Every Shabbat, a half an hour before Minha. An open discussion over a few items in the Parasha With Rabbi Sasson.

Every Shabbat, A short Torah thought given after eating the delicious Hamin. With Rabbanit Nora

Keep the Tradition 

Every Sunday at 10:00-10:30 AM.

After Shaharit.
A Class for fathers and sons (7 & up): Torah Reading, Shir Hashirim, Tehilim and more.

Learn to read correctly and with the  Teamim - tropes.

Class given by Rabbi Sasson.



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I speak
Health of the Body and Soul according to the Rambam

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We might do it again. Let us know if you are interested.

Come join us for eight intensive and informative sessions on finding the keys to a happier and better quality of life Men and Women are welcome Adults (ages 15 and up) only please.

Class given by Rabbanit Nora (Alternative medicine practitioner).

Admission is free.

Compliments of Keter Torah Synagogue


Call Rabbi for information

Forget grammar, dikduk and any other ‘obstacles’. Here is your chance to learn how to speak Hebrew.

Teacher: Rabbi Sasson

Admission: Free.

Compliments of Keter Torah Synagogue.


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Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn

Everytime at a different business location.


Please email Rabbi Sasson if you are interested.