Shalom to all and I hope this email finds you well.


I am reaching out to each and every one of our colleagues, friends and family members in the USA, with a personal and a communal request. Whether you are Sephardic or Ashkenazi - observant or not - if you care about preserving the Sephardic culture, customs, traditions, and values that have been kept for hundreds of generations, then we ask you to please step forward and take part of this important and critical act. It is our responsibility to make sure that our ancient traditions do not vanish from the world. We owe it to our children and to the generations to come.

If you need any help please call/text 248-372-1939 

Thank you, 

Sasson Natan
Rav, Kehillat Keter Torah
West Bloomfield, MI

Shas - Slate #15

Vote Slate #15



If you’re over 18, American and identify as Jewish - you have a voice and a vote on who represents you and the future in the Zionist Congress, which is hugely influential.



  1. Go to

  2. If you are not a registered voter, click on “Register & Vote Now” and follow the instructions.

  3. You will receive an email with your voting code.

  4. Go back to and please VOTE FOR #15 - Shas

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